Muirhead Tileworks, Bothwell, North Lanarkshire

Muirhead Tileworks, Bothwell, North Lanarkshire (Possibly aka Crofthead Brickworks).

1858 – 1861 – ScotlandsPlaces – Muirhead Tileworks. Robert White, tenant. A wooden shed, a kiln, and a dwelling house in a clay field wrought for the purpose of making tiles for draining. It is on the “Douglas Park” Estate the property of Mrs Douglas & bears no name. (Muirhead location (not the nearby tileworks is described as “A thatched house north side of the T.P. [Turnpike] Road, opposite the ph [parish] Road leading to “East Parkhead.” The name is very well known. It belongs to a Mrs. Turner.”

Below – 1859 – Muirhead Tileworks.

24/08/1892 – The Edinburgh Evening News – John Queener, labourer, employed at Crofthead Brickworks had his head and spine severely injured yesterday afternoon through being caught between the belting of machinery in motion. He lies in a critical condition in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. (Note – SBH – I am uncertain as to the location of ‘Crofthead Brickworks’ but ‘Crofthead’ is situated very close to the Muirhead Tileworks – in saying this I would have thought the injured party would have been taken to Glasgow Infirmary and not Edinburgh).