Cored brick with lifting tool marks

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This was found by Ian Suddaby on the River Nith, Rosefield Mills,  Dumfries.

Several other similarly marked bricks were found alongside it.

The brick measures 9″ x 4 1/2″ x 3″ and is cored – with 6 narrow holes.

The holes top left and right have been enlarged as a lifting tool has been inserted into the holes. The distance between the centers of these holes is 5″.

Around the middle hole on the bottom row is a slight circular indentation measuring 1 ” diameter.

It appears a 2 pronged fork with a centered offset wooden peg was used to move these bricks around pre-firing. The wooden peg appears to acted as a ‘depth gauge’ or stop prevent you shoving the prongs in unnecessarily deep. But as the wooden ‘stop’ is not aligned between the prongs it appears it also acts as a brace to stop the brick swivelling on the prongs above.

Below – The brick lifting tool may have looked something like this.





Cored brick displaying lifting tool marks.

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