Found Newmains, Morningide, North Lanarkshire.

Any ideas.

Unidentified brick however the find location suggests Scottish origins but….

This brick was found in an area with identical shaped, coloured and style bricks and all with the brickmark on the side wall ..Regenn and Gwersyllt and Penwyllt

The brickmarks of all 4 bricks appeared on the side of the brick. I believe this was to allow as close a connection between flat face of brick to flat face of brick as the area between bricks in a kiln or furnace is the weakest point.

This W W is a very similar brick and was found nearby

This brick could simply be a product of the North East of England  from the Cleveland County.

A further long shot is that this brick is something to do withe Cleeves Western Valleys Anthracite Collieries Limited, Wales which one would assumed made bricks although I cannot confirm this – and the spelling needs some explaining if this is the case!

Amalgamated Anthracite Holdings (AAH) originates back to 1892, when Cleeves Company was formed in Wales, owning about 7,000 acres of land. It merged with two other local companies, Gurnos and Gellveeidrim, to form Amalgamated Anthracite Collieries Limited.)

Cleeves Western Valleys Anthracite Collieries


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