CC Danger Electric Cables Rd No 804561

0 82

Found Guardbridge, Fife

Terracotta electric cable cover

Danger Regd no 804561 CC Electric.

From research by Ian Suddaby , we believe this CC trademark stands for Callenders Cable & Construction Ltd which had connections in Falkirk, Scotland, this firm started life as Callenders Bitumen Telegraph and Waterproof Co Ltd. but the name changed in the 1890s. They made cables at a plant in Erith near London from the later 1890s and formed part of BICC in 1945. The illustration shows a drum photographed in the 1930s. It is possible the company sourced the making of the clay covers out to various companies however it is not certain where they were made.

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Below – Electricity covers found by Brian Wardle in Northumbria.

This appears to be a Callenders Cable & Construction Ltd product but without the trademark being stamped.


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