Electricity Sanquhar

Found by Ian Suddaby at Gateside Colliery near Sanquhar.

Ian states – In my experience cable covers are always standalone items but this one is clearly a modified brick. It’s 8½” long, 4¼” wide and 2½” thick. The top shows that the word ELECTRICITY was clearly added later as it has dragged through the edge of the frog. The underside has what look like striations where it’s been mechanically cored out but they’re filled with glaze and might not be. The arch profile is uneven and a faint SANQUHAR is visible in the top of the arch. It seems unlikely the word was in a standard frog that was pressed down to form the arch but if it was part of the press it should be much clearer. I’ve never seen a glazed cable cover and I don’t know why they’d bother. A couple of chips show that the fabric is a hard grey-blue colour and it must be almost impervious to water. It would outlast the cable anyway.

Made at Sanquhar Brick & Tile Works in Dumfriesshire.

I am not in possession of this example.



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