Found by Ian Suddaby on the site of the old Montrose Iron Foundry.

This example is not in my possession.

Unidentified manufacturer.

Find location would suggest Scottish origins but …

Ian states – The C mark in Scotland is known to represent Commondyke Brickworks near Auchinleck in Ayrshire but there is no documentary evidence so far that they made firebricks.

This C marked firebrick is interesting in several ways. Firstly, it was found in Angus, far from Ayrshire. Second, it’s a very rare variation on a circle brick because the bed faces curve, as opposed to the stretchers. Third, the C is added by a roller or ribbon which is again very unusual.
The C itself is similar to the C on a Commondyke brick in the final photo but it’s far from conclusive as other C marked bricks are much less similar.
Datewise, probably mid-20th Century which is just fine for Commondyke Brickworks. Conclusion, uncertain provenance but a unique find.


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