Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

1872 – Jones & Wilson, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge

1875 – Jones & Wilson, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge.

04/02/1875 – The Scotsman – Yesterday morning at Burnbank Brickworks, the dead body of a man at present unknown was discovered in one of the brick stoves. The deceased, who has the appearance of a tramp, had been sleeping in the place along with two of the workmen, and in the morning he was found to be dead.

1878 – Jones & Wilson, brick and tile makers, Dunbeth Terrace, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.

Below – 03/09/1880  – Edinburgh Gazette – Jones and Wilson, Brickmakers, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge dissolves on the death of Jones. James Wilson continues the business.

Jones Wilson Burnbank Brickworks dissolved1880

1882 – James Wilson, brick and tile maker, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge.

Below – 1882 – James Wilson, Burnbank Brickworks advert.

06/11/1885 – Coatbridge Leader dated 21/07/1934. Reference to the first Coatbridge town council meeting and James Wilson, brick manufacturer attending.

1886 – James Wilson, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge (Note: This is listed under Builder and Masons so I am not sure if he was still making bricks at this time)(Page 893.)


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