Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

1872 – Jones & Wilson, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge

1875 – Jones & Wilson, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge.

04/02/1875 – The Scotsman – Yesterday morning at Burnbank Brickworks, the dead body of a man at present unknown was discovered in one of the brick stoves. The deceased, who has the appearance of a tramp, had been sleeping in the place along with two of the workmen, and in the morning he was found to be dead.

1878 – Jones & Wilson, brick and tile makers, Dunbeth Terrace, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.

Below – 03/09/1880 – Edinburgh Gazette – Jones and Wilson, Brickmakers, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge dissolves on the death of Jones. James Wilson continues the business.

Jones Wilson Burnbank Brickworks dissolved1880

1882 – James Wilson, brick and tile maker, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge.

Below – 1882 – James Wilson, Burnbank Brickworks advert.

06/11/1885 – Coatbridge Leader dated 21/07/1934. Reference to the first Coatbridge town council meeting and James Wilson, brick manufacturer attending.

1886 – James Wilson, Burnbank Brickworks, Coatbridge (Note: This is listed under Builder and Masons so I am not sure if he was still making bricks at this time)(Page 893.)

02/04/1892 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – Factory Act prosecution. At Airdrie on Thursday, before Sheriff Mair, the new inspector of factories brought a charge against Mr James Wilson, brick manufacturer, Coatbridge, of having allowed a girl under age to be employed in his brickwork. Mr Wilson stated that he had left matters entirely to his foreman who had taken on the girl after he had given strict injunctions to the contrary. This was the first time in his 23 years’ experience that such a thing had happened, and he thought that, as he was giving up the work at anyrate, it looked as if they wanted a prosecution before he did so. (Laughter.) In the circumstances, a fine of £1 was imposed.


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