Found in Fife.

I believe this was manufactured by Charles Bramall who owned the Caledonian Brickworks, Larkhall c.1904 to his death 1921 – this site was previously known as the Larkhall Brickfields and by 1938 it was known as Birkenshaw Brickworks.

Charles Bramall Ltd, a silica brick manufacturer also owned a brickworks in Sheffield manufacturing silica bricks so there is a chance it was manufactured there.

This brick looks to be of a high silica content.

It is stamped on the stretcher side.

Below – Could this be a product of the Larkhall Silica & Coal Company Ltd, particularly if Charles Bramall was involved in the company.

Below – 06/12/1921 – Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Mr Charles Bramall, owner of the Caledonian Brickworks in Larkhall.

11/10/1934 – The Scotsman – We are officially informed that General Refractories (Ltd), the Sheffield fire-brick manufacturing company, has just acquired the assets of Charles Bramall (Ltd), Worrall, Sheffield. The property, which is situated quite close to Sheffield, includes large reserves of the well-known Sheffield ganister rock from which are made the best of the silica bricks used in the lining of the modern steel-melting furnaces, which work at intense heats. The assets acquired include also substantial values in land, property, plant and machinery.  Bramalls was one of the first works to produce silica bricks, which made large scale production of steel possible and the business remained under the control of the Bramall family for several generations.

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