Found at High Bonnybridge, Bonnybridge.

Unidentified manufacturer.

The find location would suggest Scottish origins but …  (Note – SBH – This was found among debris from the Bonnybridge Silica and Fire Clay Co. It was found among a mass of bricks stamped ‘Bonnybridge Brand’ and was quite likely manufactured by the BSFC Co).

Bonnybridge Silica & Fireclay Co Ltd, Bonnybridge.
Calder Firebrick Works, Airdrie, Lanarkshire.
Chapelhall Works, Lanarkshire.
Bonnybridge Silica and Fire Clay Co – Originated with a partnership in 1874 of Azariah Griffiths of Sheffield and Alexander Whyte, flesher, of Alma St, Falkirk. Griffiths became a sole partner in 1887. It is believed to have been one of the first companies to discover and work the seams of fireclay and ganister at Bonnybridge. The company was incorporated as Bonnybridge Silica & Fireclay Co in 1906. In 1936, merged with Calder Fireclay Co (founded in 1880) which ran Armadale Brickworks, and the combined company then opened Chapelhall Works. Torwood Mine opened in the 1940s and the company took over Aitkendean Mine, Carrington, Midlothian in the 1960s although this closed shortly afterwards. In 1961, the company was bought from the family and re-financed by Scotcros Ltd and renamed Bonnybridge Refractories Ltd. The company was sold to Hepworth Ceramic Holdings in 1972. Bonnybridge Works closed in 1973 and Chapelhall Works closed in 1980.
So could BR stand for Bonnybridge Refractories?

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