Bowhouse or Bowhill Brick and Tile Works, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Established 1936 – Ceased 05/05/1939

Bowhouse aka Bowhill Brick Works

Bowhouse Tileworks, Falkirk were attached to the Bowhouse Coal Company. The Bowhouse Coal Company was incorporated in 1936. Brick and tile making was only one of the firm’s interests and its others included iron founding, engineering and the production of coke. Pottery and Terracotta were also manufactured.

Thomas McEwan, Holmbank, Denny Loanhead, Stirlingshire

Source Falkirk Archives.

05/05/1939 – Edinburgh Gazette – Bowhouse Coal Company dissolved.


Does anyone know what this company stamped on their bricks – if anything? The Bowhill brickmark is associated with Bowhill Colliery Brickworks.


1929 Bowhouse Coal Co.

Certificate of incorporation 08/09/1936.

Thomas McEwan Director, Holmbank, Dennyloanhead, Stirlingshire.

Objects of Company – carry on the business of colliery proprietors, coalmasters, coke, brick & briquette makers, engineers, iron founders, metallurgists, smelters.

Products – gas, coke, motor spirit, oil, fuels, bricks, tiles, pottery, terracotta, coal, tar etc.

The liability of the company is limited. The share capital of the company is £1,000 divided into 1,000 ordinary shares of £1 each –  01/09/1936.

Subscribers – Thomas McEwan – Coal merchant and Walter Alexander, Director of Walter Alexander & Sons Ltd.

Edinburgh Gazette states the company was struck from the register 31/01/1939 but it had ceased business by at least 26/10/1938 due to no further minerals to works.

Source Falkirk Museum and Archives.



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