BHHH 229

Kindly donated by Mark Buchannan, an ex-employee at the Manuel Works, Whitecross.

This template is made from 3mm thick compressed board. It is marked BHHH 229.

Many fire bricks and specials manufactured latterly at the Manuel Works were stamped by use of a stencil.

This template BHHH 229 would be the exact size of a particular face of the firebrick special and would be used to confirm a brick being stencilled BHHH 229 was indeed the correct brick/s as many would appear to look the same but in fact, would differ but very small variations.

It has been suggested that BH = Bethlehem Steel, USA.

Likewise, it has been suggested that HH = Hot blast stove (High Hoffens may be the Hoogovens Steelworks (Dutch) name for Hot blast stoves. Equally, it has been suggested that H – signifies an International standard for SILLMAX 66.


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