B34-2 Scotland * SAMR *

GB has been sent this picture by Fabio, from Leghorn in Tuscany, Italy.

Can anyone shed any light as to where it was manufactured?

The brickmark reads Scotland * SAMR * with the numerals B34-2 above.

I will duly pass on any replies to GB.

It may of course not have been manufactured in Scotland but made elsewhere as an intended export to Scotland.

The brickmark design does seem alien to the Scottish ‘norm’

.B34 - 2 Scotland * SAMR *

23/07/2016  – This similar stamp was found in an old shipyard on the shores of the Santiago River, Ensenada, Buenos Aires Provence, Argentina.

Note the + signs to either side of SAMR as opposed to the * on the brickmark above but I believe both these are manufactured by the same maker.

mmm SAMR

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