Alva – Clayton & Cos Patent

Photographed by Andrew Wood.

This is not in my possession.

Stamped ALVA to the front.

Stamped Clayton & Cos Patent to the rear.

I do not believe Clayton & Cos is the tile manufacturer. I believe this is the name of the company that made the tile/brick making machine – Henry Clayton, Son and Howlett of Atlas Works, Harrow Road, London.

There are many examples of brick stamped Clayton & co on one side and the brick manufacturer on the other. I believe this was a marketing ploy either by Henry Clayton themselves to promote their machines or by the brickmakers who were keen to let the world know that their bricks were made on a Clayton machine and thus perhaps of a better quality to other bricks.

Example 1 and example 2

This brick was very likely manufactured at the Alva brick and tile works but by which individual?

Possible manufacturers.

1867 – William Robertson, brick and tile maker, Alva, Dollar.

1878 – J & D Philp, brick and tile makers, Alva Brickworks, Alva, Clackmannanshire.

1886 – John Philp, brick and tile maker, Alva Works, Alva, Clackmannanshire.

1903 – Andrew Harley, brickmaker, Colbrook Place, Alva. RSO Clackmannanshire.


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