Stonecraig Brickworks, Newmains, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire

04/06/1926 – Motherwell Times – Men before the Sheriff – In connection with the alleged attack on a bread van near Stonecraig Brickworks, Newmains, on Tuesday, 18th May, eleven men appeared before the Sheriff at Hamilton on Monday afternoon and were charged with contravention under the Emergency Powers Act. It was alleged that acting in concert, they demanded bread in a masterful manner from Alexander Phillips, baker, Manse Koad Newmains, and such being refused, they conducted themselves in a disorderly way, endeavoured to stop the van in its work, unfastened the rear door thereof, and took food-stuffs from said van. The accused were Bernard Lafferty, miner, 9 Nimmo’s Rows, New Stevenston; Edward O’Halloran, steelworker, 23 Front Row, New Stevenston; Bernard Gaffney, labourer, 94 Jerviston Street, New Stevenston; James Owen, miner, Caledonian Place, Clydesdale Road, New Stevenston; Peter Milligan, miner, 257 Campsie Terrace, Newarthill; Thomas Lockhart, miner, 14 Low Square, Holytown; William McGough, miner, 2 Jerviston Rows, Holytown; Joseph Samson, miner, 2 Napier Square, New Stevenston; Philip Milligan, miner, 49 Nimmo’s Rows, New Stevenston; Hugh Murphy, miner, 18 Byres Knowe, Carfin; James McDowall, miner, 82 Nimmo’s Rows, New Stevenston. All the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge, and after a trial lasting two hours, the charge against all the accused was found not proven.

(Note – SBH – I suspect Stonecraig Brickworks may be known by another name and already recorded on this website – for further research)

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