Stein 70D

Found at Stein Manuel Works, Whitecross

Information taken from a Stein brochure located within the Falkirk Archives

Stein 70D is a special high alumina (83.4%) quality developed from the original Stein 70 to give improved density, giving increased high corrosion and erosion resistances yet coupled with improved good thermal shock resistance. The high refractoriness and volume stability of Stein 70D make it suitable for long service at high temperatures, while its chemical purity renders it resistant to progressive chemical attack.

Stein 70D has proved very successful in the burning, transition and discharge zones of rotary cement kilns where high rates of production and severe conditions have created a demand for refractories of very high alumina content.

Good for hot zone rotary cement kilns;non ferrous metal furnaces; special positions in open hearth furnaces such as doors and slag pocket suspended arches.

  • Stein, Castlecary Fireclay Works, Castlecary, Stirlingshire.
  • Stein, Manuel Firebrick and Refractory Works, Whitecross, Stirlingshire.
  • Stein & Co, Anchor Brickworks, Denny, Stirlingshire.
  • Milnquarter Fireclay & Gannister Works, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire.



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