Spin MC 2

Found at Bo’ness, Firth of Forth by Gordon Wyle.
I am not in possession of this example.
Unidentified refractory or engineering brick. Find location suggests Scottish origins but…..

I believe the ‘spin’ stands for spinel or spinella and the MG for Magnesium and this assumption is based on several articles along the lines of this information

 MC – May refer to Magnesium Chrome as per “Heretofore, under those techniques conventionally utilized, some of the above-mentioned characteristics have been met by the available refractory bricks. However, a combination of all four characteristics has not yet been achieved in a single refractory brick. Table I shows values for the above-mentioned prior art characteristics for bricks. In Table I, MA represents magnesium oxide spinel brick and MC represents magnesite-chrome brick.”
The only issue now is to find reference to this specific brickmark and maker.
I am going with a leap of faith here and call this a JG Stein brick. The location is good and I have found reference to the company selling Spinella MCA  bricks – Spinella being part of part of Chrome  – Magnesite brand bricks….see example products on 1977 – 1979 sales invoices.
  • Stein, Castlecary Fireclay Works, Castlecary, Stirlingshire.
  • Stein, Manuel Firebrick and Refractory Works, Whitecross, Stirlingshire.
  • Stein & Co, Anchor Brickworks, Denny, Stirlingshire.
  • Milnquarter Fireclay & Gannister Works, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire

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