Scottish bricks found on a shipwreck at Las Palomas Island, Spain

Many thanks to Ibon Abuin, Alejandro Gandul and Jose Carlos Bernal for the information and photographs that follow.

SS Canarias was a French nationality cargo ship.

The Steam Ship ‘Canarias’ was built by Ateliers & Chantiers De La Loira in Nantes (France) in 1893.
Length Over All: 104 Mts
Beam: 12 Mts.
Disp:  3.098 Tm.
On 02/04/1908 the french steamer ‘Canarias’ sunk near Las Palomas Island, Spain when on route from Antwerp for Japan with a general cargo.
In 1956 the wreck was scrapped.
Following a storm in 2018, the wreck was uncovered and bricks marked J & M Craig Kilmarnock and Kirkwood along with unmarked bricks were recovered.
The wreck of the ‘Canarias’ lies on older wrecks. Roman, Phoenician and unknown wrecks lie beneath her.
Below – The Canarias on the rocks.

Below – ‘J & M Craig Kilmarnock’ brick – J & M Craig, Perceton Fire Clay Works Kilmarnock.


Below – Scottish brick marked ‘J & M Craig Ltd, Kilmarnock’.

Below – Scottish brick marked ‘Kirkwood’ – Darnley Fireclay Works, Nitshill, Glasgow (Allan Kirkwood).

Below  – Part of the ship’s boiler has been exposed.

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