Scottish bricks found in Saint John New Brunswick, Canada

Found by Jenn Booth.

The bricks were found washed ashore by the famous tides of the Bay of Fundy in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada.



Garnkirk warranted to the front face.

Patent to the rear face.

Garnkirk Warranted brick found in Saint John New Brunswick, Canada


IMG_5451 (640x640)

Below – Thistle


Below – Glenboig

Glenboig New Brunswick Canada

Below – These were also found on another nearby beach in New Brunswick.

Gartcraig Scotland

IMG_5456 (640x640)

Below – Gartcraig.

Gartcraig Canada

Below – Gartcraig Scotland Gaskil.

Gartcraig Scotland Gaskil Canada

Below – Nettle.

Nettle canada

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