Scottish bricks found in Provincia De Santa Fe, Argentina

The photos of these bricks were kindly forwarded by Cristina Pasquali an archaeologist and coordinator of the project, the forest and its people. They were found in Tartagal, Provincia De Santa Fe, Argentina.

Facebook page  – (Translation ) – The Forestry Project and Peoples is based in the Centre for the Study of Historical Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the National University of Rosario. It conforms to the offence under the National No. 25,743 / 2003 Protection of archaeological and palaeontological heritage which the Ministry of Innovation and Culture of the Province of Santa Fe is law enforcement authority. The Ministry granted in June 2014 according to Concession Area No. 294 resolution. The project is coordinated by the BA in Anthropology (Archaeology orientation) Cristina Pasquali and integrated by advanced students of the career of Anthropology (Archaeology orientation): Lara Ferre, Hector Meletta and study architecture, Paola Milicic. Also collaborate with the project, the Bachelor of Economics, Georgina Coletto, the Technical Visual Arts, Berenice Gáldiz Carsltein, the Director of Regional Railroad Museum and Archives Rosario / Rosarina Association of Friends of the Rail, Rolando Maggi, Professor Faisal Fabiana (The Coot) and David Franco, bird photographer and Jaaukanigás Guide Wooded Wedge and Low Submeridionales (Reconquista). The project is part of the so-called Historical Archaeology and addressing forestry problems in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Santa Fe north through the archaeology, history and memory of forest villages is proposed. The overall project objective is to recover, disseminate and preserve the archaeological heritage and memory of forest peoples, as well as optimize the resources that the past can provide at present. The research will be conducted through three stages. During the first stage (2014-2015) the specific objectives are related to the study of forest peoples. Mills, factories, railways and ports in the second (2015-2016) study of industrial activity will be addressed. Finally, the objectives of the last stage (2016-2017) relate to past forest product reports and the presentation of the cultural heritage by promoting, in this way, tourism as a tool for regional integration.

The following Scottish brickmarks have been found:-

Glen Lamond  x 2 ( Colen Lamond is Glen Lamond) – Probably a product of Hurll, Gartliston Fire Clay Works, Glenboig.

Brown Paisley – Robert Brown & Son, Ferguslie Fireclay Works and Caledonian Brick and Tile Works, Paisley.

Scotia  (Possibly Scottish)

Boghead Glasgow – Boghead Fireclay Works, Bathgate, West Lothian.

Morningside – Morningside Fireclay Works, Newmains, North Lanarkshire.

scottish bricks found in Tartagal Santa Fe Argentina..


Scottish bricks found in Tartagal, Santa Fe, Argentina



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