Scottish bricks found in Chile

Many thanks to José Ignacio Aguilera Martinez for the following information.

José states – I share some images of the exhibition room that I developed, about the mining history of the nineteenth century in La Higuera (Chile). In it, there are photographs of reverberatory furnaces and a series of refractory bricks, of the group the only Chilean is that of “Lota” brick. I should point out that although there is information about the copper foundation work in Chile, there is a detailed lack of knowledge about the manufacturers and places from where they were manufactured or came, beyond knowing that they came from UK or the United States.

Below – ‘Garnkirk Patent’ – Garnkirk Fireclay Works, Garnkirk, Lanarkshire.
Below – ‘Gartcraig’ – Gartcraig Fire Clay Works, by Millerston, Glasgow.

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