Scottish bricks found in California

The following bricks were found by Douglas McIntosh and colleagues at the Waterloo Mining Complex which is located in the Calico Mountains of San Bernardino, Southern California and in Springville, Southern California.

Gartcraig – 25 examples were at the Waterloo Mining Complex (Silvermine). The date of occupation for this site is believed to be 1884 – 1892.

Starworks JD Glenboig – 1 broken example was found.

IBCA  – Article on the excavation


Gartcraig found Southern California


Starworks Glenboig found California

Below – J & M Craig, Kilmarnock – was found at The Conlee Mill site at Brownie Meadow which is located along the boundary of the Sequoia National Forest and the Mountain State Forest near the community of Springville, California. This was a late 1880’s lumber mill site.

J & M Craig, Kilmarnock brick Tulare County, California

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