Robson brick manufacturer in Glasgow?

Many thanks to Chris Tilney for this information.

(Note – SBH – There appears to be no ‘Robson’ manufacturer of fire bricks in the Glasgow area of Scotland, or indeed Scotland itself. So what does the information below refer to! There was a Mr John Robson who was an agent and salesman for the Hurlford Fireclay Works, Kilmarnock which had offices in Glasgow. Mr Robson exhibited Hurlford goods all over the world at shows and exhibitions and was awarded prizes in his own name but it is believed he was never a manufacturer of bricks bearing his own name.)

Below – March 1884 – United States consular reports on commerce, manufactures etc.

Robson fire bricks. Under date of February 14, Consul Locke, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne writes, referring to an anomaly in the price of Robson fire bricks as follows:- In Glasgow manufacturers make a much better class of brick than is made on the Tyne and the manufactories being situated for the most part far up the river, renders transport to the sea coast both difficult and expensive, consequently the price of bricks there is much greater than on the North East coast. And again, upon strict inquiry, I learn that there are evidently two ‘Robson’ brands of fire brick, each local to Glasgow and Newcastle-upon-Tyne respectively. The price for ‘Robson’ fire bricks here still remains at 30s per thousand. It is one of the cheapest brands manufactured in this consular district, hence the great disparity between the prices of it and the Glasgow brand which is evidently one of superior manufacture. (Page 352).

(SBH – Note – The photo of the ‘Robson’ stamped brick is not part of the article.  This is a product of Robert & William Robson, who operated out of from c. 1863 to c. 1908.

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