Oakley Brick and Tile Works, Dunfermline, Fife

Below – 1854 – The likely site of the Oakley Brickworks – Note the clay pit marked to middle right.

1862 – James Gemmell, brick and tile maker, Oakley, Fife.

21/02/1863 – Alloa Advertiser – Bricks at the Forth Ironworks – Bricks well known for their superiority can now be disposed of at the following prices.

Fire bricks ……………………..27s 6d per 1000

Composition bricks …………20s 0d per 1000

Flooring tiles…………………..1s 4d per square yard

Fire brick in blocks…………..8d per cubit foot

Dry Ground Fire Clay ……..10s 0d per ton

Any pattern of brick executed with care and forwarded with dispatch. All orders must be addressed to Charles Buick, Forth Ironworks, Dunfermline – Oakley 30/01/1863.

Below- 21/03/1870 – Dundee Courier – Charles Buick, Oakley Brick and Tile Works supply the bricks for the new Torryburn Coal Pit.

09/06/1870 – The Scotsman – For sale cheap at Forth Ironworks – The entire brick blocks of a new blast furnace of Garnkirk manufacture, also a large quantity of stone blocks, suitable for engine seats and other heavy buildings. Apply Charles Buick, Oakley Brick and Tile Works, Dunfermline.

06/04/1874 – The Scotsman – Bricklayers – Two good bricklayers wanted immediately. Apply to Charles Buick, Oakly Brickworks, Dunfermline.

1877 – John Finlayson, brickmaker & timber merchant, Carnock, Torryburn.

1878 – Charles Buick, Brickmaker, Oakley, Torryburn, Fife.

1878 – John Finlayson, brickmaker, Oakley, Torryburn, Fife.

(Note – SBH – I am unsure if Mr Finlayson operated the same works as Charles Buick and perhaps took over ownership in 1878 or perhaps he was leasing the site from Buick or perhaps he was operating a nearby site. I have recorded his details here meantime).



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