North Caledonia Brickworks, Paisley, Renfrewshire.

(Note – SBH – The brickworks situated in the Nethercommon area of Paisley are often difficult to separate when trying to ascertain which piece of researched information should be allocated to which brickworks. The same goes for conclusively determining which location on the old OS maps refers to which brickworks. If anyone notices any error or has any relevant suggestions then please get in touch. The brickworks concerned are Shortroods Brickworks, Glockston Brickworks, Galts Nethercommon Brickworks, North Caledonia Brickworks, Caledonia Fireclay Works and the Caledonian Brick and Drain Tile Works).

1856 – 1857 – ScotlandPlaces – North Caledonia Brickworks. Moderate sized brickworks. Situated off the Greenock Road. The Property of the Burgh of Paisley. Mrs Rankin is tenant.

Below – 1858 – North Caledonia Brickworks.

Below – 1858 – Caledonian Brick & Drain Tile Works … (and North Caledonia Brickworks  – Not to be confused with Caledonian Fireclay Works which would later be built just to the west of the Caledonian Brick and Tile Works. The Caledonian Brick and Tile Works was built over by 1897).

1858 Caledonia brickworks Paisley

1865 – 1866 – John Rankin & Co, brickmakers and builders, office 98 High Street. Lime yard, Glen Lane. Brickfield, Love Street, Paisley.

19/06/1869 –  Paisley Herald – John Rankine & Co, brick makers and brick builders beg to intimate that they have removed their office and lime yard from Glen Lane to North Caledonia Brickworks, Love Street. Customers will please send their orders to the above address.

1871 – 1872 – John Rankine and Co, Works North Caledonia. Office Love Street, Paisley.

20/05/1872 – Glasgow Herald – Wanted – One or two wet barrow wheelers to whom liberal wages will be given. Apply to John Rankine & Co, North Caledonia Brickworks, Paisley.

11/07/1874 – Edinburgh Evening News – A 6-year-old boy named John Gallacher drowned in a clay hole at the North Caledonia Brickworks, Love Street, Paisley.

19/10/1878 – Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette – Reference to John Rankine & Co, (North) Caledonia Brickworks donating monies to the infirmary.

01/04/1880 – Greenock Advertiser – Bricks – 200,000 machine made bricks for sale. Apply John Rankine & Co, brick makers, Love Street, Paisley.

1886 – John Rankine, brick and drain, tile maker, 28 Love Street, Paisley. Res 30 New Sneddon Street.