Larkhall Silica Brick & Coal Company Ltd, Larkhall, South Lanarkshire.

(Note – SBH – The brickworks and brick manufacturing companies in the Larkhall area is very confusing to sort out. There were many company name changes, changes of ownership and several sites involved. If anyone sees an issue with the information I have detailed then please let me know).

Larkhall Silica & Coal Company Ltd, Larkhall, South Lanarkshire.

1928 – This Company was incorporated and worked the fireclay on the Estate at Torbane. One of the initial subscribers was Mary Bramall who is believed to have been related to Charles Bramall who manufactured silica bricks in Sheffield and at the Caledonian Brickworks, Larkhall some years earlier. (Note – SBH – Charles Bramall may well have been associated with these works/company too).

22/09/1928 – The Scotsman – New company. Larkhall Silica Brick & Coal Company Ltd, 2 West Regent Street, Glasgow. Private company to carry on the business of brick, tile, pipe and pot manufacturers, coalmasters and engineers. Capital £10,000 in £1 shares.

1937 – The company was dissolved.

The Scottish Refractory Industry 1830 – 1980 – Kenneth W Sanderson states ‘Incorporated in 1928 to work the fireclay in the Torbane Estate with a capital of £10,000. Various local coalmasters subscribed and also Mary Bramall, a brick manufacturer of Sheffield. The company struggled until 1937 when it was liquidated. The directors gave up their rights so that all the other creditors were paid in full.

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