Moorfield Tileworks, Coalhill, Ellerslie, East Ayrshire

1851 – 1852 – James Taylor, tilemaker, Moorfield Tileworks, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire.

Below – 1856 – Moorfield Tileworks, Coalhill.

1862 – Moorfield Tileworks. J.S. Taylor, Kilmarnock.

07/10/1864 – Edinburgh Gazette – Trustees acting under the Deed of Settlement of the late James Taylor, Tilemaker at Moorfield, in the Parish of Kilmaurs, ceased, as from the 31st day of December 1863, to have any concern in the carrying on of the deceased’s Brick and Tile Works at Gargieston and Galston, which, from and after that date, have been, and now are carried on by the Subscriber, James Smith Taylor, on his own account. John Sturrock, Agent for Jas. Taylor’s Trustees.

1868 – … brick and tile making have long been carried on at Moorfield by Mr Taylor’s family …

1868 – Moorfield Brick and Tile Works, Kilmarnock. William P Robertson, manager, Gargieston Cottage, Kilmarnock.

1872 – W P Robertson, Moorfield Tileworks, Gatehead, Kilmarnock. House, Gargieston Cottage.

1872 – William Taylor and Co, fire clay manufacturer, Moorfield by Kilmarnock. Place of business The Angel Inn every Friday.

21/10/1874 – Invoice – Moorfield Pipe Tile and Brickworks. William Taylor and Co.


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