Monkcastle Fireclay Mine, Dalry, North Ayrshire

Monkcastle Fireclay Mine, Dalry, North Ayrshire aka High Monkcastle.


Douglas Works used local fireclay mined from Langside at Galston, Smithstone at Kilwinning and Monkcastle, which was the last of these local mines to supply fireclay to the works. After Monkcastle stopped supplying the works in 1981, raw materials for production had to be brought in until the works closed in 1982

Below – 1920 – Memoirs of the Geological Survey. Special Reports on the mineral resources of Great Britain. Vol XIV – Refractory materials: Fireclay.


1938 – Douglas Firebrick Company Limited. Mine name – Monkcastle – fireclay; Situation – Dalry; 13 employees below ground and 5 above.

1981 – Monkcastle Mine close.

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