Japanese bricks imported into the UK

I wonder if any of these Japanese bricks imported into London were stamped and whether any have ever been found? Was anyone aware of this trade already – apologies if it was common knowledge.
27/04/1876 – Falkirk Herald – The threatened disturbance in the London building trade, owing to the scarcity of bricks appears likely to be speedily obviated. For some time past bricks have been exported from Japan to America, but owing to a duty of 20 per cent, being charged the trade has been limited. Last week a cargo of bricks of Japanese manufacture were placed on the London market, the result being that the cargo was instantly bought up, and large orders for future supplies were given by several leading contractors and West End builders. The bricks, which can according to pleasure be made of any shape, size, colour, are said to be considerably harder than those of home production, whilst for ornamental facings, patterns of every description are manufactured. As these bricks are admitted duty free, and as German and Belgian ready-made sashes, mouldings, doors, &c are being largely used here, the building trade bids fair to be almost revolutionised. It is stated that this first venture was at the instigation of one of the young Japanese sent over by the Mikado to be educated in this country at the expense of his government.
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