Hurlford by Kilmarnock

Found at Waterfoot, East Renfrewshire.

This is an animal feed trough. It also has an interesting stamp on the underside – see below.

Hurlford Fireclay Works, Hurlford, Ayrshire.

Below depicts the underside of this trough.

J & R.H Ltd – (J & R Howie)


Made in Britain

Aprobado por A.N.D.A – Spanish – Approved by ANDA?




Approved by ANDA could refer to this which appears to be the Costa Rican ‘waterboard’.


From the National Alliance for the Defense of Water (ANDA), we consider it necessary that the country has a new water law and that the new law can not wait. We have worked tirelessly for more than 10 years to achieve that Costa Rica has a law to protect water resources and is in keeping with the times. That work can not be thrown overboard.

We can not continue with a legal and institutional framework for the management of this precious liquid that does not give effect to that as a nation we need to guarantee the human right of access to water for present and future generations answer.

ANDA also appears to be the ‘waterboard’ for El Salvador

(Note – SBH – Both Costa Rica and El Salvador speak Spanish)

Below – The same ‘Hurlford by Kilmarnock’ stamp on a fire clay sheep dipper seen in the stackyard of an Ayrshire Farm. Thanks to Ian Jones for the photographs.




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