Found at the old gas works, East Wemyss.

This was found alongside numerous Heathfield fire bricks and it does indeed have the look of a Heathfield manufactured fire brick with regards to composition.

Manufacturer unknown.

The find location would suggest Scottish origins but …

There is a good likelihood that this brick was manufactured in Scotland for Mr George Hislop, gas manager, Paisley. Mr Hislop was well respected and renowned in his field. He took out a number of patents in his line of work and was a member of many groups, including the Society of Chemical Industry and the Royal Scottish Society of Arts. He was also a three-time president of the Association of Gas Managers. So this may be yet another example of a Scottish fire brick manufacturer manufacturing fire bricks for a customer and stamping their name on the bricks supplied. Click me.

Below – A possible manufacturer but …

1912 – 1923 – Jonathan Hislop, Airdrie House Brickworks, Airdrie. (Note – SBH – This is a possibility but did they make fire bricks?).

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