Hillhead Brickworks, Partick, Glasgow

Hillhead Brickworks, Partick, Glasgow – situated to the West of the mansion house of Hillhead, by Partick.

24/04/1826 – Glasgow Herald – The whole bricks, 250,000, on the brickfield at Hillhead by Partick will be sold. Also, clay in the said field, extending to about 5 acres is to be let for the purpose of making bricks. A considerable quantity of clay has been turned up and the barrows, planks and other utensils may be had at a valuation …

1849 – 1850 – James McIver and Co, builders and brickmakers, Hillheadfield, Partick. Orders and letters left at Mr Jackson, 5 Enoch Square, Glasgow.

1852 – James Logan and Co, brickmakers and builders, Hillhead Field, Partick.

Below – 1857 – Hillhead Brickworks, Partick, Glasgow were situated to the West of the mansion house of Hillhead, by Partick so they must have been located somewhere on this map.

1858 – Mineral Statistics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for 1858 – Hillhead, clay of coal measures. Name of freeholder – Robert Stewart. Manufacturer – Thomas Anderson.

14/05/1859 – Edinburgh Evening Courant – Scotch Bankrupts – Robert Anderson, Brickmaker, Hillhead near Partick. May 11th, creditors to meet in the Faculty of Procurator’s Hall, Glasgow 20th May at 12 0’clock. Gavin Hamilton, agent, Glasgow.