Greenfoot and Gain Sand and Fireclay Works, Glenmavis, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire

Below – 17/11/1851 – Glasgow Herald – The lands of Greenfoot and Gain for sail … The lands contain coal, ironstone, limestone, freestone and fireclay …

09/09/1876 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – On Saturday about seven o’clock in the morning, a man named Charles Docherty, 37 years of age, a drawer, residing at South Medrox, met with an accident which proved fatal. While in the act of filling a hutch in a mine at the fire clay works belonging to Mr John Baird, a large stone weighing over 2 cwts, fell from thereof upon his head, fracturing his skull in such a manner that he died shortly thereafter. Dr Murray was in attendance but life was extinct. The deceased leaves a widow and four children.

1878 – George McLaws and Company, Greenfoot & Gain, Sand and Fire Clay Works by Airdrie.

1882 – George McLaws and Company, (Fire clay), Greenfoot & Gain, Sand and Fire Clay Works by Airdrie.

1882 1897 – Invoices – Several – George McLaws, Greenfoot & Gain, Sand and Fire Clay Works by Airdrie

1896 – George McLaws and Company, Glemavis, Airdrie.

Below – 07/09/1899 – Glasgow Herald – Copartnery carrying on business at Greenfoot, Gain and Avenuehead Sand Quarries, Airdrie under the name of George McLaws and Company and John Baird and Sons was dissolved on 26/07/1899 bt the retiral of John Baird Senior.

29/03/1901 – Dundee Courier – A labourer named Edward Cullen (25), who resided at Avenuehead, Gartcosh was fatally injured while at work at Gain Sand Quarry New Monkland, belonging to A. & J. Baird & Co., Greenfoot. He had been engaged in taking the soil off the top of the rock, a part of it suddenly came away, and fell upon him crushing him to the ground and fracturing his skull. The fallen debris, weighing about 10 cwt was immediately removed from the top of him, but the unfortunate man was found to be dead.

1930 – Glenboig Union Fireclay Co Ltd purchase the mineral rights held by the Greenfoot and Gain Sand and Fireclay Works, Glenmavis.


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