GR-Stein quality complaint.

While walking over the Manuel Works, Whitecross, Gordon and Hazel Wyle found 2 soggy A4 pages of typed paper.

On closer inspection, it was a quality complaint from B.S.C Aldwarke date 06/05/1981.

Aldwarke appears to have purchased 4 tonnes of Alicem 80 for use in ladles and jointing Sillimax 63D bricks.

Staff at GR-Stein visited at Mr J Dench’s request and examined 1 pallet of Alicem 80 which was said to be too wet.

The cement had a good 1/2″/ 1″ of water lying on top of the cement in the bucket. When mixed the resultant cement was extremely wet and not suitable for use. Only 1 pallet out of the 4 tonnes supplied was of poor quality – the rest of the cement supplied was perfectly suitable for use. All buckets were stamped with the same code reference.

Paul Whitely/Leon Hardy have since confirmed the cement was short of clay – sample supplied to Paul Whitely at Manuel.

The complaint was justified and replacement by virtue of free of charge material was to be placed on the next order.

It appears that the samples were sent to the Research Laboratories, Sandy Lane, Worksop, Notts for examination.

A most interesting read.



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