Geilston Brick and Tile Works, Geilston, Cardross, Dunbartonshire



Geilston Brick and Tile Makers, Geilston, Cardross, Dunbartonshire aka Cardross Tileworks?

19/01/1855 – Greenock Advertiser – McIntyre and Maxwell, brick and tile makers and builders, Geilston, Cardross. Beg to intimate that from the conveniences of shipping they are enabled to supply builders and others with bricks, drains, tiles etc of the best quality and at very moderate prices. Geilston 01/11/1854.

07/12/1855 – Edinburgh Gazette –  The Copartnery carried on by the subscribers, under the firm of McIntyre and Maxwell, brick and tile manufacturers, Geilston, in the Parish of Cardross, was of this date, 15th September 1855, dissolved by mutual consent. The subscriber, Alexander McIntyre, will receive and pay all debts due by the Company. Alexander McIntyre and Joseph Maxwell.

Below – 1857 – 2 x Tileworks to the west of Cardross and South of Geilston.

Below – 1857 – 1860 – 2 x tileworks to the west of Cardross and South of Geilston.

1867 – John McIntyre, brick and tile maker, Cardross, Dumbarton.

Below – 26/07/1867 – Glasgow Herald – Desirable opening for brick and tile manufacturer – Clay fields on the Estate of Geilston for let. Mr Robert McIntyre at the Works will show round.

1878 – James Gilmour, Brick and Tile Maker, Cardross,  Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire.

04/02/1881 – Glasgow Herald – Drain tiles – A large quantity, various sizes for sale at Geilston Tileworks, Cardross – Apply to James Gilmour. (Note – SBH – This may well be the same James Gilmour that was associated with the Williamwood Brick and Tile Works or perhaps father and son).

1896 – Both tileworks appear to have disappeared.