Found Bo’ness.

Manufacturer unknown.

Find location would suggest Scottish origins but….

Note the ‘mis – stamped’ small letter ‘T.



GB  sums up – All these bricks were found at the same location, on the shore at  Prestonpans, East Lothian. There is a place called Gartartan to the south of Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire. With little information to go on I’ve come up with my own theory that these hand-made bricks were made and fired locally – I think the materials used in the bricks is similar to older Preston Grange hand-made bricks – and that the brickmark GARTARTAN had a link to one of the brickworks owners or backers with the name, perhaps, being taken from Gartartan castle or a property with the same name. Just a theory and I’d be more than happy to be proved right or wrong.” –


I personally would  add that I have only seen these on the shore at Bo’ness, Firth of Forth and Preston Grange – Bo’ness again not far from Stirling.The name Gartartan is closley linked with Gartmore but again no obvious reference to a brickworks. It is possible, as seen in other areas, that the landowner had bricks made from a clay deposit situated on his land and that the bricks were solely for use on estate houses etc and thus did not travel far.

28/04/2014 – update and extreme longshot  – A brick and tilework, affording employment to about a dozen of the villagers, was carried on at Kippen Station till about 1895. The proprietor of Boquhan, Admiral Campbell,who had it in his own hands, gave it up at that date as a non-paying concern. Source –  The Kingdom of Kippen Its History and Traditions by William Chrystal Page 38.

Kippen Station  is about 7 miles as the crow flies from Gartmore / Gartartan

17/06/2014 – BOQUHAN –  Tile Works –  Stephen Mitchell  esq. of Boquhan, proprietor ; Thomas  Hall, overseer, Kippen Station R.S.O.  Stirlingshire – still just a weak theory




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