Fothringham Tileworks, Dundee, Angus


Below – 24/11/1852 – North British Agriculturist – Forbes’s registered drain pavement.

1857 – 1861 – ScotlandsPlaces – [Situation] About ½ mile S E [South East] of Fothringham House. A large tile work on the south side of the Kerbet Burn worked by and property of Captain Fothringham.

24/03/1858 – North British Agriculturist – Wanted, a tile and brick maker who thoroughly understands every department of his business and who will make himself generally useful during the winter months. Apply to Mr Salmon, Fotheringham, Kincaldrum, Forfar. N.B – No one need apply unless he can produce most satisfactorily testimonials of character and ability from his present employers. Fotheringham 08/03/1858.

Below – 1860  – Fotheringham Tileworks.

Below – 28/03/1865 – Dundee Advertiser – Fothringham Tileworks for let. Mr Bissett, overseer at Fothringham.

24/01/1873 – Dundee Courier – Wood on Fothringham and bricks and timber at the tile works – to be sold … a large quantity of bricks, larch posts and foreign wood boarding 3/4″ thick by 12″ broad lying at the Fothringham Tilework, which will be put up into suitable lots. Attendance will be given there to point out the same and intending purchasers will please inspect the lots previous to the 30th current as the sale will take place at 1 pm in Labothie Hill where the Company may be at the time …

1901 – The site at this time consists of a sawmill and a curling pond


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