Fort Street Tileworks, Ayr, Ayrshire.

Robert Boyle of the Drongan Pottery operated a Tilework producing drain tiles at Fort Street in Ayr, he is also listed as a manufacturer of pottery and bricks. The works were located near the harbour. Source Matthew Yuill. (Note – SBH – I can see Fort Street is indeed situated next to the harbour. I suspect that Boyles premises here may well be a storage or shipping depot rather than a tile manufactory or the manufactory was disused by the 1857 OS map.)

1837 – Robert Boyle, Draining tile and brick maker, Fort Street, Ayr. (Page 244).

Below – 27/03/1841 – The Scotsman (Original article was in the Ayr Observer. Mr Boyle exporting drainage tiles from his tileworks (unnamed) onboard the ‘Anne’ of Larne. They were destined for Mr Agnew near Larne. (Note – SBH – The tileworks are not referred to by name but it is likely to be one of Mr Robert Boyles tileworks in Ayr.)

Below – 1857 – Fort Street, Ayr.

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