Found Armitage Shanks, Barrhead, Glasgow.

(Another partial EMPI was found at Coltness Iron Works).

On both the above occasions this brick was found amongst old James Dougall fire bricks.

Find location suggests Scottish origins but….(SBH – I am beginning to lean towards this being a product of James Dougall & Sons, Bonnybridge)



Below – The same stamp on a brick found on a site once occupied by a shale oil company in Broxburn, West Lothian. It was found in a field of debris with Stein and Dougall bricks.

Below – AP Green, Missouri marked his bricks Empire but I do not think this is one of his.

Below – Empire Brick & Tile Co Ltd., Aldridge, Walsall, Staffs. –  Kelly’s Staffordshire Directory 1912 – See link to Brickmania

(Note – SBH – Did the Empire Brick & Tile Co Ltd manufacture fire bricks?)


Below – Empire bricks on Brocross.



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