Craigmyle Brickworks, Banchory, Aberdeen

(Note – SBH – If the following anecdote is true then there may have been temporary brickworks in the area around Craigmyle House, Banchory).

28/07/1864 – Northern Ensign and Weekly Gazette – Jordan, Laird of Craigmyle, was once visited by the eccentric Duchess of Gordon on some of her electioneering plans. She had heard that the excellent and worthy laird was making bricks on his property to build a wall. Her Grace asked politely, Well, Mr Jordon, and how do your bricks come on? The Laird of Craigmyle’s thoughts were much occupied with a new leather portion of his attire which he had lately constructed, so, looking down on his nether garments he replied in a pure Aberdeen dialect, ‘ Muckleo obleedge I to yer Grace; the breeks war sum ticht at first, but they’re doin’ weal eneuch noo.’

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