Code words of John G Stein – 1936

  • Stein, Castlecary Fireclay Works, Castlecary, Stirlingshire.
  • Stein, Manuel Firebrick and Refractory Works, Whitecross, Stirlingshire.
  • Stein & Co, Anchor Brickworks, Denny, Stirlingshire.
  • Milnquarter Fireclay & Gannister Works, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire.

For the convenience of customers ordering by ‘wire’ – a codeword is given for each standard size. This code word, together with the brand and quantity required, need only be quoted.

In ordering arch bricks, in cases where the code word is not used, customers should state whether ‘end’ or ‘side’ arch bricks are required.

Brands  –

Nettle  – 43/44 % alumina. Refractory test –   cone 34 – 35      1760C   3200F

Thistle –  37/38% alumina. Refractory test –   cone 31      11690C   3074F

JGS & Co – 84/85% silica. Refractory test –   cone 30      1670C   3038F

Stein Glasgow 34/36% alumina. Refractory test –   cone 31      1690C   3074F

Bluebell 95% silica. Refractory test –   cone 33     1730C   3146F

Stein 33/35% alumina. Refractory test –   cone 31    1690C   3074F

Daisy 94/95% silica. Refractory test –   cone 34 – 35      1730C   3146F

Special quality brands


Stein 63

Stein 73

Stein Sillimanite

Maksiccar I refractory cement

Maksiccar II air setting refractory cement

Maksiccar patch

Alcro refractory cement

The following codes relate to the size of the type of brick or special ( I have not included the sizes, just the names)

Squares or Straights  – Skoroba, Skorrib, Skornoc

Splits or Scones – Slitoba, Slitrib, Slitnoc, Slitsad, Slitace, Slitsof

Soaps or Pups – Sopoba, Soprib, Sopnoc, Sopsad, Sopace

Feather ends – Nefoba, Nefrib, Nefnoc, Nefsad

Feather sides – Sifoba, Sifrib

Whelps – Weloba, Welrib, Welnoc, Welsad

Side arch bricks – Sarnoc, Saroba, Sarrib, Sarsad, Sarace, Sarjog, Sarsof, Sarash, Sarapi, Sarosk, Sarmol, Sarram, Sarmen, Sarpro

End Arch or Wedge Bricks – Nornoc, Noroba, Norrib, Norsad, Norace, Norsof, Norjog, Bowoba, Bowrib, Bownoc, Bowsad, Bowace, Bowsof, Bowash, Bowosk, Bowjog, Norash, Nornol, Norram, Norosk, Norpro, Norhop, Nortor, Norlos, Nortru, Norliv, Norrow, Norfix, Norpat, Normen

Bonders – The code word of the arch brick followed by the word Bonder is sufficient for ordering purposes.

End Skew or Bevel End Bricks  –

Eskew on flat – Eskoba, Eskrib, Esknoc, Esksad, Eskace, Esksof, Eskjog, Eskash, Eskmol, Eskram

Eskew on Edge – Skedrib, Skednoc, Skedsad, Skedace, Skedsof, Skedjog, Skedosk

Side Skews or Bevel Sides – Sikoba, Sikrib, Siknoc, Siksad, Sikace, Siksof, Sikjog, Sikash, Sikmoi, Sikosh

Cupola or Key Bricks – Blasoba, Blasrib, Blasnoc, Blassad, Blasace, Blassof

Circle Bricks – Cofsad, Cofooba, Cofrib, Cofnoc, Coface, Cofsof, Cofmol, Cofjog, Cofash, Cofram, Cofmen

Circle Bricks on Edge – Cofpro, Cofhop

Cupola or Key Bricks – Cuprib, Cupjog, Cupoba, Cupnoc, Cupsad, Cupace, Cupsof, Cupash, Cuposk, Cupnol, Cupram, Cupmen

Bullnose – Bulrib, Buloba

Double Bullnose – Hacrib, Hacoba

Jamb Bricks – Jamrib, Jamoba

Circle Pups – Picrib, Picoba

Side Arch Pups – Rapoba, Raprib

Suspended Arch Tiles  – Detrick, Liptak, Bigelow

Detrick Air – Cooled Wall Blocks and Bigelow Air – Cooled Wall Block

Speical Shapes for Boilers

Segmental Burner Blocks

Ash Hopper Tiles ( Ash Company London)

Special Shapes for Potteries – Panelled kiln sides, Panelled kiln top, Oven bottom, Half kiln bottom, Kiln side tile, Kiln top  tile, Kiln burr, Cartledge block

Burner Blocks

Recuperator Tiles

Filling Bricks for Hot Blast Stove.







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