Carcary Brick and Tile Works, Montrose, Angus.

20/07/1854 – Fife Herald – Moveable steam engine. Mr Robert Carcary, Forfarshire, has just procured an engine which is not only used in working the clay at the tilework, but is of such a construction that it can be conveyed by horses from place to place, and attached to either a thrashing mill, sawmill, or, in fact, to any piece of machinery where revolving power is required, in a very short time.

1857 – 1861 – ScotlandsPlaces – There is a brick & tile works to the north of this [Little Carcary] belonging to the tenant of Carcary but the name has not been repeated. Mr Lyall factor.

Below – 1861 – Carcary Brick and Tile Works.

22/02/1861 – Montrose Standard – Draining material. Drain pipes of the best quality to be had at Carcary Tileworks at reduced prices. 1 ½” pipes, 13″ long and collar, 26s per 1000 and larger sizes in proportion. Carcary Tileworks. 16/02/1861.

1867 – Robert Lyall, brick and tile maker, Carcarry, Farnell, Brechin.

Below – 08/10/1869 – Northern Warder – Capture of swindler – defrauding brickworks including Glamis and Carcary.

22/05/1878 – North British Agriculturist – Desirable farms on the Estate of Southesk to let … There is an excellent brick and tile works on the Little Carcary, adjoining West Carcary which will be let separately or with either of the above farms, according to offers … the present tenant of the tileworks is not an offerer … Wood Cottage, Brechin, 27/04/1878.

1886 – George Duncan, Carcarry, Farnell & Pugeston, Montrose.

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