BWC Great Britain

Found at Dunaskin brickworks, Dalmellington.

Unidentified maker.

Find location would suggest Scottish origins but …

Found alongside numerous ETNA fire bricks and this is the same size and general appearance.

If it is from the ETNA family, could it be something like Bathville Works Company?

The BWC lettering is larger than that of ‘Great Britain’

The find location and the above would suggest Scottish origins but …

Below – A similar stamp on a firebrick actually found on the old site previously occupied by the Etna and Atlas and Bathville Brickworks but the lettering is all of the same size on this example. (Note – SBH – This this find location is good evidence for my theory above that this brick was manufactured at the Etna Brickworks. It may be that the BWC is an overseas customer. Certainly stamping the brick ‘Great Britain’ suggests it was manufactured for export).

See also BWC bricks.


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