Borgestad 4A

Found by Tucker Kennedy in Glencoe.

Höganäs Borgestad, brick manufacturers, Sweden.

At Höganäs Borgestad, we started producing refractory bricks in 1825, almost at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Our production unit is still based in Bjuv, Sweden. We are a modern company with strong roots in Swedish industrial traditions, committed to exceptional quality, ongoing innovation and the highest professional standards.

1886 – Gunnar Knudsen founds Borgestad Fabrikker in Skien, Norway, initially to manufacture brick for the domestic market and saggars for porcelain…


Borges 4A French or Belgium

Below – The other half of the mystery stamp as found by Jacqui Conn at Troon, Ayrshire. Thanks too for forwarding the information above.

Below – March 1964 – Refractories Journal – James Dougall and Sons Ltd/Dyson Refractories are advertising ‘Borgestad -07’ bricks as part of their product range. It is entirely possible that Borgestad bricks were stocked and sold by Dougall in a cross-company agreement.

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