Aaron & Co

Found at Drum Farm, Bonnybridge, Falkirk

Unidentified maker.

The find location would suggest Scottish origins but … (Note – SBH – This stamp has been found in 3 different areas around Bonnybridge and the likelihood is that they were manufactured there for an unknown customer named Aaron & Co).

(Note – SBH – The nearest I can get to identifying a possible customer is ‘W Aaron & Co”. This company appears to have operated out of Liverpool during the mid to late 19th century. They are found mentioned on shipping lists as ships owners or consignees and therefore appear to have been shipping merchants and may well have been selling goods such as fire bricks branded in their own name – as has been found to be the case in other stamped bricks examples, especially from the NE of England).

Below – 15/11/1863 – The Dublin Builder – E and W Aaron, 66 South John Street, Liverpool.

Below – 08/09/1874 – Liverpool Journal of Commerce – W Aaron & Co, owners or consignees of the ship named ‘City of Perth’. (Note they are similarly referenced against various ship names in other newspaper articles).




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