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William Hudspith & Co.

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12/08/1865 – Hamilton Advertiser – W.Hudspith & Co ( successors to Thos Dean) Manufacturers of agricultural drain pipes, common  composition and fire bricks, composition pipes, plain and fawcett vitrified sewage pipes, horse mangers, cattle troughs, vent linings, chimney cans, garden edging, furnace blocks and every description of plain and fancy clay goods. Agents for Scotland to make and sell Foxley’s patent beaded bricks for garden walls. All orders promptly attended to. Wishaw and Berry Hill Brick , Tile , Fire Clay and Sewage Pipe Works.

19/01/1866 – Edinburgh Evening Courant  – Reference to Mr William Hudspeth, brick and tile manufacturer, Wishaw being involved in a committee trying to improve the North British Railway extension around Wishaw.

Below1867  – Advert – W Hudspith & Co, Wishaw, Motherwell.

william hudspith wishaw 1867

1868 – William Hudspeth & Co, Wishaw Pottery and Brick Work, Motherwell.

26/07/1875 – Glasgow Herald – Firebrick moulder wanted. One accustomed to working with brass moulds also 2 or 3 good pipe makers. Apply to William Hudspith & Co, Fireclay Works, Wishaw.

1877 – 1878 – Leslie, Thomas, agent for Wm. Hudspith & Co., Wishaw and Haltwhistle Brick Tile, and Fire Clay Works.

1879 – 1880 – Leslie, Thomas, agent for Wm. Hudspith & Co., Wishaw and Haltwhistle Brick Tile, and Fire Clay Works.

1880 – 1881 – Leslie, Thomas, agent for Wm. Hudspith & Co., Wishaw and Haltwhistle Brick Tile, and Fire Clay Works.

Below – 1882  -William Hudspith & Co, Fire clays, Wishaw. Coal masters, Green Colliery Wishaw.

1882 William Hudspith

1885 – Hudspith William & Co. Fire Clay Works, Wishaw.

1886 – Hudspith William & Co. Brickmaker, Wishaw.

Below – 1886 – William Hudspith & Co.

1889 – Hudspith William & Co. Fire Clay Works, Wishaw, N.B.

1893 – William Hudspith & Co, Brick and Tile and Fireclay Manufacturer, Glasgow Road.

1893 – Messers W Hudspith’s brick and fireclay works – Started more than half a century ago, these works passed through many hands and it was not until 1864 that the present firm entered into possession of them. Messrs Hudspith & Co manufacture fireclay goods of almost every description including chimney cans, troughs, glazed pipes, coping, vases, garden borders etc besides bricks of various kinds. The fireclay is obtained from the firms Green Colliery adjoining Wishaw South Station.

Below – 1893 – Advert – William Hudspith.

william hudspith 1893

Below – 1896  – Advert- William Hudspith


12/02/1900  – Carbarns Colliery is the properly of Messrs William Hudspith & Co., and is situated near Cam’nethan Old Graveyard; in fact it was known at one time as the Old Graveyard Pit. 3 die in pit explosion.

1903 – Hudspith William & Co, fire clay goods manufacturers & coal masters. Wishaw fire clay works & Carbarns Colliery. TA Hudspith Wishaw.

Below  – 1859  – depicting 3 x Wishaw brickworks. I believe the blue cross marks the Hudspith brickworks. The Flaxmill firebrick works was demolished by 1898.

Flaxmill and wishaw brickworks - Hudspith

Below – 1896 – Brick Tile and Fireclay Works, Wishaw – Hudspiths? ( same area as above but only this premises surviving by 1896.

1896 Hudspith brickworks Wishaw

Brickworks still evident on the 1910 OS map but they are gone by 1940

This is a link to a W Hudspith Haltwhistle trough


Three salt glaze tree stump planters – source

Code: LVS386     Dimensions:W 48.2cm (19″)H 68.5cm (27″)D 35.5cm (14″)
 Three very decorative salt glaze tree stump/strawberry planters circa 1868. –

These planters are all in good condition, there are some slight chips but this is not uncommon with this material.

One of the planters is stamped with a Registration Design diamond mark and having researched this I have found that it was produced on 3rd June 1868 by a company in Haltwhistle, Northumberland called W Hudspith South Tyne Works. The photos include the registration mark and also images of the original jardiniere and the Brickworks where made.

This company grew from employing 20 workmen in 1861 increasing to 44 by 1881, making bricks, tiles and troughs.

The tree stump planters were well known in the area and it appears that it was quite a status symbol to own one and have it displayed in your garden, some of which were in gardens in and around Haltwhistle!

They are great, unusual decorative pieces and can be planted with either strawberry plants or any plant of your choice.

Size of largest planter:

Height: 27” / 68.5cm

Width: 19” / 48.25cm

Depth: 14” / 35.5cm

hudspith-stump-planer-stamp . hudspith-stump-planter


Letterheads from 1885 and 1899 – William Hudspith, Green Colliery, Wishaw. These are not in my possession.



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