Whitehill Collieries and Brickworks, Rosewell, Edinburgh

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Whitehill Fireclay Works, Rosewell, Midlothian.

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26/12/1864 – Dundee Courier –  Fatal accident in coal pit engine room – On Thursday morning, Thomas Cunningham, a miner, aged fourteen, residing Rosewell, parish of Lasswade, was entering the engine-room at Whitehill Brickwork for the purpose of trimming his lamp, when he was caught by the flywheel which drew him round several times, and so severely injured him that he died within an hour afterwards.

1868 – Archibald Hood, Whitehill Colliery and Brick Works, Lasswade.

1869 – Whitehill, Dalhousie & Gorton, coal & brick depot, St. Leonard’s Station, & at Leith Walk station. Allan Old, agent.

1869 – Archibald Hood, Whitehill & Dalhousie Collieries

1870 – 1871 –  Archibald Hood, Coalmaster, Whitehill Colliery brick and tile works, Lasswade p.53

10/01/1878 – The Scotsman –  The Moorfoot Water Works at Gladhouse on the waters of the South Esk, Edinburgh. The aqueduct at Gillygubdean is constructed of brick….The bricks which are of extra size being 12″ x 6″ were obtained from the Whitehill Fireclay Works.

19/02/1884 – Glasgow Herald – Fire at Mid-Lothian Brickwork – Damage to the extent of about £600 was caused to plant and machinery by a fire which broke out on Sunday  morning at Whitehill Brickwork, in the parish of Lasswade. The fire engine and brigade from Polton Paper Mill and the Mid-Lothian Asylums engine and brigade rendered good service in subduing the fire. The Dalkeith engine was also despatched, but the fire had been get under before its arrival at the scene. It is not known how the  fire had originated. The loss, we understand, will fall upon the proprietor, Mr Archibald Hood, as the brickwork was not insured.

05/05/1885 – Glasgow Herald – Court case – Peter Munro V Archibald Hood. On 26th July last, the pursuer was a labourer residing at Rosewell and engaged with the assistance of two other men in repairing the pug shaft of a brickmaking machine at the defenders Whitehill Colliery and Brick Works. While so employed he states the slinging chain broke and the shaft fell, bringing down with it the plumber block which fell upon the pursuer and severely crushed hands.

09/10/1885 – Edinburgh Evening News – Accident at a Brickwork.—While employed setting bricks for a kiln at Whitehill Brickworks, Rosewell, wednesday afternoon, M. Regan, 26 years age, a labourer, had his right leg broken in two places below the knee and his body severely bruised by a large quantity of bricks falling on him. Another, labourer named Archibald McMurray was also bruised about the body and legs by the bricks. Regan was removed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary yesterday afternoon.

Below – 06/06/1887 – The Scotsman – The Edinburgh Association of Science and Art  – The third excursion of the season took place on Saturday when 100 members visited Mr Archibald Hoods Collieries  and Brick Works, Rosewell, Hawthornden.

Below – 01/07/1889 – The Scotsman – East of Scotland Engineering Association visit to the Whitehill Fireclay Works.

1889 – 1890 –  Archibald Hood, Whitehill and Dalhousie Collieries, brickworks and Oil Works, Rosewell. p 675

10/03/1890 – Glasgow Herald – The Lothian Coal Company Limited  – The subscription list will open tomorrow and close on or before 14th.

Directors include – Archibald Hood esq, Colliery Owner ( President of the Mining Association of Great Britain), Managing Director.

The purchase is to consist of the whole plant including 700 cottages, 600 waggons, buildings, locomotives and machinery of every description, also the extensive and valuable brick and fireclay works successfully carried on for many years at Whitehill.

Below – 11/03/1890 – Dundee Advertiser  – The Lothian Coal Company Limited has been formed. The full prospectus.

19/10/1891 – Glasgow Herald – Wanted 2 brick moulders. Whitehill Brick Works, Rosewell, near Edinburgh.

26/11/1896 – The Scotsman – New chimney at the Edinburgh Gasworks – The new chimney at the Edinburgh and Leith Gasworks, New Street, which has been in course of construction since November 1895 , will bs completed tomorrow…..The chimney, is 250 feet high ….At the base the brickwork consists of fifteen footing courses built solid for a height of four feet  in cement mortar with first qality Whitehill composition bricks except in the centre and under the flue openings where fire bricks bedded in fireclay were used…..The outside of the chimney ia faced with red bricks made bv the Scottish Terra-Cotta Company, Braidwood, and this gives it a perfectly uniform and handsome appearance, forming a pleasing contrast with the Prudham stone…..

24/02/1904 – Edinburgh Evening News – Man killed at Whitehill Brickworks – Henry MGregor, an employee engaged at the brick works of the Lothian Coal Company at Whitehill Rosewell, was fatally injured yesterday afternoon while at work there.  Deceased was unmarried and lodged at Carnethy Street, Rosewell.

09/01/1906 – The Scotsman – Reference to Mr C. T Robertson, Manager, Whitehill Brickworks.

1910 – Fireclay in the Coal Measures was being used in 1910 at Whitehill Colliery near Roslin to make firebricks and sewage pipes.

22/12/1923 – Foreman wanted for Whitehill brick and fireclay works. Apply by letter, stating age, particulars of experience and wage required, to The Lothian Coal Co Ltd, Rosewell, Midlothian.

13/02/1926 – The Scotsman – Timekeeper wanted for Whitehill Brickwork. Apply stating experience, age and wage required to The Lothian Coal Co Ltd, Rosewell.

01/11/1929 – The Scotsman – In presence of a large and representative attendance, the funeral of Mr James Hamilton, a director of the Lothian Coal Co . ( Ltd . ), and general manager of the Whitehill and Polton Collieries and Brickworks, took place yesterday from his residence, Rosedale, to Hawthorndcn Churchyard.

1953 – Part and parcel of the pit is the brickworks, awarded a prize last year as the best-kept brickworks in Scotland. The plant produces some 58,000 bricks daily. They are ‘baked’ in chambers holding 11,000 bricks at a time. Fuel costs are low. Five tons of coal were used last July to fire the chambers. Since then the bricks have baked themselves on the gases they produce.

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