Wards Tileworks, Gartocharn, Dumbartonshire


Below – 21/09/1849 – Glasgow Herald – Application having been made on behalf of His Grace the Duke of Montrose to the Sheriff of Dumbartonshire for authority to John Stewart, Overseer, at Buchannan, to proceed with the work of drain pipe and tile making at Ward’s Tilework, in the parish of Kilmarnock and county of Dumbarton, and to use in the manufacture thereof the materials lying at said works, furnished by John S. Brodie, contractor and machine maker in Glasgow, and lately contractor for making drain pipes and tiles at said works who is believed to be now on his passage to America and to pay the expense of manufacture out of the contract price of the pipes and tiles made from these materials, the Sheriff Substitute has pronounced the following deliverance on the petition, Dumbarton 17th September 1849

Below – 1850 – Ward Tileworks a and clay pit.

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