Torterston Brick Works, Peterhead

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I cannot find a map with these works detailed although Torterston Farm is Very close to Downiehill Farm which had a brick and tile works. Mr Boyd of Torterston Brick Works may be the same Mr Boyd who owned the Ednie Brick and Tile Works.

Below – 05/02/1864 – Buchan Advertiser  – The works for drainage materials and bricks with the brickfield at Torterston, in the Parish of Peterhead will be let with immediate entry for such number of years as may be agreed on. The tenant will get over the machinery and whole plant, either by purchase or on inventory. He will also have use of the cottage close by the works; he may also if he desire it, have the present stock of drainage materials, bricks etc at valuation. Application to be made to Messrs A and W Boyd. Peterhead. 02/11/1863.

Below  – 10/06/1864 – Buchan  Advertiser – Torterstown Tile Works to be sold.

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