Stirlingshire Brick Works Ltd, Glasshouse Loan, Alloa.

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Jawcraig Brick Works in Falkirk date from the inter-war years and were closed in the 1970s. During World War II the works were owned by Stirlingshire Brick Works Ltd, but were under care and maintenance and out of production. At the time of their closure in the 1970s, the works were operated by Craigend Refractories Ltd. The works were rebuilt and re-opened in 1987, but mothballed in 1993.

This view is looking east along the 18-chambered, oil-fired Belgian kiln which was under a steel-framed cover. The Belgian kiln was patented in 1891 and was developed from the Hoffmann kiln. Both types are brick-built and barrel-arched. Belgian kilns fire at between 1,200 and 1,300ºC.

Jawcraig manufactured ‘common’ bricks. In a British Geological Survey report of 1985, it was measured that common bricks accounted for over 80% of Scottish output. Bricks found at Jawcraig in 1980 were marked ‘FALCON A’ and ‘KESTREL’. (These were manufactured by Craigend Refractories Ltd)

Stirlingshire Brick Company made common bricks and it is thought their brand was the ‘STERLING’ brick. A reference in the Bradley & Craven Machine Order Book suggests that Jawcraig Works were owned and/or operated by Robert Thomson in 1937.

Agnes Robertson Russell  – Company Officer of Stirlingshire Brick Company Limited

Position: Company Director, Company Secretary.Date of Appointment: July 19, 1989
Service address – Home Farm, Drove Loan, Denny
Registered Office – Drumbowie, Denny
22/02/1947 – Falkirk Herald – The Stirlingshire Brick Works Ltd, Glasshouse Loan, Alloa craved sanction to erect a bungalow on a piece of ground adjoining a road leading from Slamannan Road, Falkirk at an estimated cost of £1,200. It was stated the bungalow was for occupation by one of the company’s managers who was regarded as a ‘key man’ at the  Jawcraig Brick Works. Warrant was granted.

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