SS & B

I am not in possession of this brick.

This brick is in the possession of  Gillian  Cowell in Paisley.

It was found in Falkirk by Chris Renton. It was found among bricks marked Cannerton, Stein Denny, Sterling, Bar-Law, UFP, Gartshore and Frew.

It is either stamped SS & B with the ‘B’ being reversed or its B & SS with the ‘& SS’ being reversed!

The manufacturer is unknown as I post this online.

All the bricks were found under an old garage and all are Scottish. There was only one with this mark.

It is similar to a Gartshore I have previously found and it was found among Gartshore’s.

Below – The same stamp on a brick found by Michael Kilner at Barr Wood farm, Twechar, North Lanarkshire. (Note  – SBH – The only known examples found so far have been in the Glasgow area, so is the manufacturer Scottish?).

Below – a similar frogged Gartshore